We manage a fleet with a total DWT,


with the ship’s crew and


head office team members.

Technical management for all type of tankers, containers, dry cargo vessels and new building, ships major modification contracting, planning and supervision.

Recruitment and selection of competent and skilled sea personnel included appraisals, evaluations and performance management.

Measurement, analysis and improvement of safety, environment, energy and risk management.

Worldwide sourcing for ship store and spares with high quality and correct supply on time and right place.

Management in house software system for ship and store.

Dry docking, maintenance & repairing, survey supervision. New Vessel purchasing & investment feasibility reports & supervision.

Reliable and objective assessments and inspections of all kind of shipping inspections.

Trust of our customers is our top priority.

Unic Tanker Ship Management Corporation is a Oceangoing Merchant Ship Manager/Operator, offering preferable and reliable services in every aspect of Ship Management including; safety and technical management, safe delivery of vessel, claims & insurance, purchasing, vetting preparation and attendance, risk assessment, new building and major convert design and supervision, IT marine services, accounting, as well as in house human resources management.

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Safe with Experience

Unic Tanker Ship Management Corporation has been established in 2020. Accompanied by an experienced management team, expert in shipping industry. Unic Tanker Ship Management Co. is modern ship management based on technology, quality, teamwork, transparency and integrity and safety. Providing cost effective management, ensuring vessel safety and quality without reducing the high performance of the ship.

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