On 17.08.2023, Lloyd’s List published an article on its website titled “Sanctions-busting Russian tankers shift management base to Türkiye” (the “Article”) where unfounded and false allegations were made against our company, Unic Tanker Ship Management (“Unic”) of Türkiye.

The Article claims that certain vessels (the Vessels) that are under management of Unic are in breach of sanctions against Russian origin oil and oil products, which is completely unfounded and untrue.  By these means, the Article targets and attempts to discredit not only Unic but also Türkiye and the members of Turkish shipping community. Unic strongly condemns these unfortunate attempts and would like to remind the Lloyd’s List, as publishers, and authors of the “so called” article that any such false allegations do not match with ethical values of journalism which require one to be, amongst others, fair, objective, and responsible.  What is graver is that in being instrumental in publishing of such false allegations, Lloyd’s List not only exposes itself to serious legal consequences but also risks of discrediting its own reputation.

We would like to emphasize that:

  1. Far from being a paper company, Unic is a reputable, legitimate, and professional shipping and management company duly established and registered in Türkiye and is a member of Turkish Chamber of Shipping. From the day of its incorporation to date, Unic has been conducting its business in full transparency without attempting to hide fleet members, its structure or its HQ office address which is in Narlidere/Izmir. All these information is made available to all parties on its website .
  2. Unic offers high quality and high standard ship management services including technical management, safe delivery of vessel, claims & insurance, purchasing, vetting preparation and attendance, risk assessment, new building and major convert design and supervision, IT marine services, accounting, consultancy, as well as in house human resources management.
  3. Unic has no connection or similarity with the previous manager (Gatik Ship Management) of the vessels mentioned in the Article and/or the affiliates thereof. Therefore, any attempt to create a link or similarity between ex-management or their practices in the past with our company is only prejudiced and unfair.
  4. Unic has well-established KYC processes in relation to not only its business partners but also vessels in its fleet. Every single vessel which is to join Unic fleet is carefully checked by Unic compliance, legal and finance teams to ensure that they meet the international compliance requirements and market standards. Accordingly, vessels listed in the Article passed the same compliance checks and are found to be clear of any issues.
  5. The Vessels are under insurance coverage from different insurers which were chosen by the Owners to their best commercial terms. All vessels under Unic’s management are managed and maintained to the highest industry standards in full conformity with the most recent international rules and regulations as well as the applicable laws. They are also classed by internationally recognized class societies. So, it is nothing but unfair to call these Vessels “dark” or “non-compliant” without having concrete evidence other than hearsay and is pure speculation.
  6. AIS positions of entire fleet can easily be tracked and there has been no time-gap. Unic’s company website reflects at any time an updated fleet list of the vessels under its management (including particulars), the vessels’ geographical location, Unic’s staff, and its board members. Unic strongly believes that this is the most obvious indication of Unic’s transparency and its firm dedication to compliance with international practices, rules, regulations, and applicable laws.
  7. Unic has no evidence of breach of sanctions by the Owners or the Charterers or any other related parties which is a further clear indication of them conducting their business in accordance with international requirements, rules and applicable laws. It is therefore most unfair and illegitimate to speculate on Unic, or its clients, or other parties involved with subject vessels by naming them “sanction-busters”.
  8. We do also note that the Article also tries to tarnish our board members’ names who are well recognized and respected individuals in their practice areas of shipping and maritime industry. The Turkish author of the Article even distorted the facts while citing that one of the board members did not even comment where in fact, he has directed his inquiry to the General Manager of Unic, the designated spokesperson for the company.
  9. Unic and Unic Board members reserve all rights that they may have vis-à-vis the authors and publishers of the Article of either criminal, civil, administrative, or any other legal nature.


Sincerely yours,

Unic Tanker Ship Management